Las Cruces High School-Mayfield High School Class of 1967
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Las Cruces High School-Mayfield High School Class of 1967 - Classmates

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Number of classmates: 708
Abbott, Jon View Biography Mailing Address Email Address
Acevez, Beatrice (Missing)
Acosta, Helen (Missing)
Adair, Bill (Missing)
Adams, Darrell Email Address
Adler, Walter (Deceased)
Aguirre, Juanita (Missing)
Aldrich, James (Missing)
Allen, Don Email Address
Alley, Judy (Missing)
Allman, Jim Email Address
Anaya, Gloria (Missing)
Angel, Dolores (Missing)
Apodaca, Louis (Missing)
Apodaca, Robert  (Bobby) Email Address
Apodaca, Steve (Missing)
Aragon, Nicky Email Address
Aranda, Arthur (Art) Email Address
Archuleta, Victor Email Address
Armendariz, Faustina (Missing)
Armijo, Ray (Missing)
Arnold, Gary Email Address
Arrey, Donna (Missing)
Atha, Robert (Missing)
Atwood, Barry (Missing)
Avalos, Adolfo (Missing)
Avalos, Alice (Missing)
Avilucea, Lila (Missing)
Axline, Fred (Missing)
Baca, Juanita (Missing)
Baca, Victoriana (Missing)
Bailey, Bobby  Jean (Missing)
Baker, Randy Email Address
Balderrama, Gregory (Missing)
Baldon, Celia (Missing)
Baldwin, John (Deceased)
Balliet, Doris (Missing)
Baltensperger, Bruce (Missing)
Banegas, David Email Address
Barbaras, Sally (Missing)
Barela, Corine (Missing)
Barela, Jenny (Missing)
Barela, Jo Ann (Missing)
Barela, Martha (Missing)
Barnes, Doug (Missing)
Barnes, Janice Email Address
Barnes, Janice (Missing)
Baroody, Carol (Missing)
Barraza, Robert (Missing)
Barreras, Cecilia (Missing)
Barreras, Margaret (Missing)
Barrett, Patricia (Missing)
Barron, Valli Email Address
Bates, Candace (Missing)
Bayhan, Peter (Missing)
Bean, Sherry (Missing)
Bearden, Ronald (Missing)
Behrens, Cathie (Missing)
Bell, Jimmie (Missing)
Bell, Randy (Missing)
Benagas, David (Missing)
Benavidez, Benny (Missing)
Benavidez, Leo (Missing)
Benavidez, Minerva (Missing)
Benevidez, Sylvia (Missing)
Bennett, John Email Address
Bergman, Al Email Address
Bergman, Alfred (Unlisted)
Beyer, Michael (Missing)
Beyer, Susan (Suzi) Email Address
Bishop, Charlotte Email Address
Bishop, Helen (Missing)
Bixby, Gene (Missing)
Black, Janice (Missing)
Block, Marsha (Missing)
Bogart, Beverly Email Address
Boucher, Miles (Missing)
Boulter, Larry (Missing)
Bowden, Kathryn  (Kathy) (Missing)
Brawley, Linda (Missing)
Britton, William (Missing)
Brocaw, Clarice (Missing)
Brown, Charlie Email Address
Brumley, Priscilla (Tootie) Email Address
Bruner, William (Missing)
Buell, Nancy (Missing)
Buell, Nedra Email Address
Burdick, Susan Email Address
Burke, Yvonne (Missing)
Burnett, Linda (Missing)
Busby, John Email Address
Butler, Irene Email Address
Bynum, Keith (Missing)
Byrd, Kathleen (Missing)
Byrd, Nancy (Missing)
Cade, Baylus (Breezy) Email Address
Caldwell, Eldoris (Missing)
Campos, Angel (Missing)
Campos, Mary (Unlisted)
Cano, Ruben (Missing)
Carabajal, Chris Email Address
Cardenas, Henry (Missing)
Carraher, Fred (Missing)
Carreon, Larry Email Address
Carrillo, Geraldine (Missing)
Carrion, Lupe (Missing)
Caruthers, Mike (Missing)
Carver, James (Keith) Email Address
Casaus, Richard (Missing)
Cascante, Richard (Missing)
Castaneda, Socorro (Missing)
Castro, Louise (Missing)
Castro, Robert (Deceased)
Centner, Mary (Missing)
Charles, John (Missing)
Chavez, Daniel (Missing)
Chavez, Edna Marie Mailing Address
Chavez, George (Unlisted)
Chavez, Gloria (Missing)
Chavez, Isaac Email Address
Chavez, Minerva Email Address
Chavez, Phillip (Missing)
Chavez, Rebecca (Missing)
Christopherson, Richard (Missing)
Cierpik, Daniel (Missing)
Clamon, Richard (Deceased)
Clark, Dianne (Missing)
Clark, Doug (Missing)
Clark, Judith (Judy) Email Address
Clark, Michael (Missing)
Clute, Gary Email Address
Coburn, Lynn Email Address
Cody, Melanie Email Address
Cody, Sandra (Deceased)
Coffman, Helga (Missing)
Coleman, James (Jim) Email Address
Coleman, Keith (Missing)
Coleman, Ray Email Address
Coleman, Theresa View Biography & Photo Email Address
Colston, Nancy (Missing)
Contreras, Mike (Missing)
Cooper, James (Missing)
Coronado, Jesse Email Address
Courtney, Ricky (Missing)
Cowan, Donald (Don) Email Address
Cox, John (Bill) Email Address
Coy, Ellen (Missing)
Custer, Tom (Missing)
Cutcher, Marc (Missing)
D'Anatonio, Charles (Missing)
Dahlgren, Steve (Missing)
Daniels, Joe (Missing)
De La O, Yvonne (Unlisted)
Dean, Nancy (Unlisted)
DeLao, Yvonne (Missing)
Delgado, Thomas (Missing)
DeLilla, Edward (Missing)
DeMarco, Suzanne Email Address
Dennison, William (Missing)
Denzler, Cathie (Missing)
Dessauer, Bonnie (Unlisted)
Dessauer, Susan (Missing)
DeWitt, Jean (Missing)
Diaz, Irma (Missing)
Diaz, Isaac (Sonny) (Missing)
Diaz, Jesus (Missing)
Diaz, Joan (Missing)
Diaz, Virginia (Missing)
Dominguez, Fred (Missing)
Donahue, Hiroko (Missing)
Dratwick, Sherry (Missing)
Duffey, Pat (Missing)
Duncan, Katherine (Kathy) (Unlisted)
Dunn, Debra (Missing)
Dunning, Connie (Missing)
Duran, Anna Maria (Missing)
Duran, Antonio (Missing)
Duran, Elva (Missing)
Duran, Harry (Missing)
Duran, Lorraine (Missing)
Duran, Sharon Email Address
Duttle, Dorcas (Missing)
Dyer, Kathleen (Unlisted)
Edwards, John Mailing Address Email Address
Elledge, Charles (Deceased)
Ellis, Phillip (Missing)
Erisman, Terry (Missing)
Ernigh, William (Missing)
Escalante, Joe (Missing)
Esparza, Albert (Missing)
Espinosa, Marie Email Address
Espinosa, Martha (Missing)
Estes, Mark (Missing)
Eubanks, Bradford (Brad) Email Address
Evans, Beth Email Address
Ewing, Patricia (Missing)
Ewing, Sharon (Missing)
Feltman, David (Unlisted)
Ferralez, Dan (Missing)
Ferralez, Irene (Missing)
Field, Bill (Missing)
Fielder, Charles (Deceased)
Fierro, David Email Address
Fierro, Sophie (Missing)
Fitzgerald, Linda (Missing)
Flores, Christine (Missing)
Flores, Dolores (Missing)
Flores, Joe (Missing)
Flores, Rosemary (Deceased)
Flowers, Loretta (Missing)
Flyte, Lynne (Missing)
Foreman, David (Deceased)
Fountain, Arthur (Artie) Email Address
Franco, Eddie (Missing)
Fresquez, Johnny Email Address
Fresquez, Rudolph (Missing)
Friebertshauser, Bryn (Missing)
Frietze, Josie (Missing)
Gallegos, Joe (Missing)
Galos, Paul Email Address
Galvan, Lydia (Missing)
Garcia, Andrew (Andy) Email Address
Garcia, Charles (Missing)
Garcia, Erlinda (Missing)
Garcia, Herminia (Missing)
Garcia, Ignacio (Missing)
Garcia, Joanne Email Address
Garcia, Margaret Email Address
Garcia, Margarita (Missing)
Garcia, Oscar (Missing)
Garcia, Victor Email Address
Garner, Edward (Missing)
Garth, Michael (Missing)
Gaspard, Jerry (Missing)
Gates, Steve (Missing)
Gay, Marilynn Email Address
Geele, Michael (Mike) (Missing)
Gemoets, John (Deceased)
George, Phillip (Phil) Email Address
Gephart, Debbie (Missing)
Gibson, Bruce (Deceased)
Giron, Erma (Missing)
Giron, Mary Lou (Missing)
Godeck, Carolyn (Unlisted)
Gomez, Jimmy (Missing)
Gomez, Rachel (Missing)
Gomez, Rose Mary (Missing)
Gonzales, Armando (Missing)
Gonzales, Dolores (Missing)
Gonzales, Evangeline (Missing)
Gonzales, Ray (Missing)
Gonzales, Robert (Missing)
Gonzales, Ruben (Missing)
Gonzales, Sammy (Missing)
Gonzales, Tina (Missing)
Gonzalez, Rosie (Missing)
Gonzalez, Ysela (Missing)
Good, Margaret (Aileen) (Missing)
Gooden, Janet (Missing)
Goodson, Stan (Missing)
Gordon, Debbie (Missing)
Gordon, DeeDee (Missing)
Graham, James (Jim) Email Address
Grahm, Richard (Missing)
Granillo, Tony (Missing)
Greathouse, Patricia Email Address
Green, Mary (Missing)
Green, Roger (Missing)
Greenleaf, Karl (Deceased)
Greenwood, Margaret (Missing)
Grooms, David (Missing)
Grover, Dennis (Missing)
Guaderrama, Larry (Unlisted)
Guadian, Graciela (Missing)
Guerra, Modesto (Missing)
Guerrero, Raul View Biography (Unlisted)
Guillory, David (Missing)
Gustafson, John Email Address
Gutierrez, Dora (Missing)
Gutierrez, John (Missing)
Haak, Meressa (Missing)
Haddad, Marwan (Missing)
Haddrill, Dan (Missing)
Hall, James (Missing)
Hall, Linda (Missing)
Hamilton, Jean Email Address
Handel, Cheryl (Missing)
Hansen, Stanley (Stan) Email Address
Hansford, Mary Email Address
Hanson, John (Missing)
Hardin, Robert (Missing)
Hare, Quinton (Missing)
Harris, Alma Lee (Missing)
Harris, Michael (Missing)
Harris, Raymond (Missing)
Hartman, Steve (Deceased)
Harwood, Darryl (Missing)
Hedges, Michael (Missing)
Heiskanen, David (Missing)
Heller, Tonnie (Missing)
Hernandez, Frank (Missing)
Herrera, Henry (Missing)
Herrera, Norberto (Missing)
Hervol, Tom (Missing)
Higgins, Renai Email Address
Hill, Linda Email Address
Hillis, Wayne (Missing)
Hines, Lenora (Missing)
Hinkel, Emerson (Skip) (Missing)
Hoffer, Peggy Phone Numbers Email Address
Holcombe, Larry (Missing)
Holden, Jane Email Address
Holguin, Albert (Missing)
Holguin, Julio (Missing)
Holguin, Mary (Missing)
Holguin, Mary Helen (Missing)
Holguin, Raymond (Missing)
Holguin, Yolanda (Missing)
Holland, Robert (Bob) (Missing)
Holland, Yvonne (Missing)
Hollenbach, Donna (Deceased)
Holmberg, Rebecca (Becky) Email Address
Holmes, Thom Mailing Address Email Address
Horn, David (Missing)
Horsley, Leigh Email Address
Hover, Terri (Deceased)
Howard, Dennis (Missing)
Huff, James (Jim) Email Address
Jackson, Beth Ann (Missing)
Jacobs, Vernon Email Address
Jakovach, Ann (Missing)
Jameson, Elmer (Missing)
Jameson, Gene Email Address
Jameson, Yrena (Missing)
Jaquez, David Email Address
Jeter, Larry Email Address
Jeter, Larry (Missing)
Jimenez, Emma (Missing)
Jimenez, Jose (Missing)
Johnson, Carol (Missing)
Johnson, Linda Email Address
Johnson, Russell (Russ) Email Address
Johnston, Bob Email Address
Johnston, James (Jimmy) (Deceased)
Jones, Dean (Deceased)
Jones, Jo Ann Email Address
Jones, Johnnie Marie (Missing)
Jones, Robert (Bob) Email Address
Jones, Steve (Missing)
Jordan, James (Jim) View Biography Email Address
Karnes, Phillip (Phil) Email Address
Kelch, Diana (Missing)
Kelly, James (Jim) Email Address
Kelly, John Email Address
Kerbow, Gary Email Address
Kerr, Elva (Missing)
Kerr, Shirley (Missing)
Kincaid, David Email Address
Kinchen, Janis Email Address
Kirby, Donna Lee (Unlisted)
Knox, Juanita (Kathy) Email Address
Krupnick, David Email Address
Kuit, James (Missing)
Kuit, Jerry (Missing)
Lacy, Joe David View Biography Email Address
Lane, Geral (Missing)
Langham, Barbara (Missing)
Lara, David (Missing)
Lara, Margaret (Missing)
Larson, James (Missing)
Laurita, Laurence (Missing)
Lauterbach, Kent Email Address
LaVertu, Jeanne (Missing)
Law, Barry Email Address
Leach, Juanita (Anita) Email Address
LeBlanc, Eddie (Missing)
LeBlanc, Phillip (Missing)
Leduc, John (Missing)
Lee, James (Missing)
Legate, Robbie (Missing)
Letscher, Steven (Missing)
Lewis, Charles (Charlie) (Missing)
Lewis, Frank (Missing)
Lewis, Ted Email Address
Licha, Pamela (Missing)
Limas, Virginia (Missing)
Linley, Larry (Missing)
Littlefield, Calvin (Missing)
Livingston, Jon (Missing)
Ljungdahl, Patrick (Pat) (Unlisted)
Longnecker, Susan (Missing)
Lonsway, Diana (Missing)
Lopez, Ernest (Missing)
Lopez, Genevieve (Missing)
Lopez, Mercy Email Address
Lopez, Soledad (Missing)
Lopez, Teddy (Missing)
Lorenz, Michael (Unlisted)
Lucero, Barbara Email Address
Lucero, Gloria (Missing)
Lucky, Cheryl Email Address
Lujan, Lupe (Missing)
Lujan, Rudy (Missing)
Lujan, Sylvia (Missing)
Lunsford, Bruce View Biography Mailing Address Email Address
Mabry, Paula Email Address
Maddox, Marcia (Missing)
Madrid, Anna Marie (Missing)
Madrid, Joe (Missing)
Maese, Shirley (Missing)
Maese, Sylvia (Missing)
Maese, Terrie (Missing)
Maestas, Jimmy (Missing)
Mallory, Jesse Email Address
Mancha, Miriam (Missing)
Maness, James Email Address
Manzanares, Carlos (Missing)
Manzanares, Mike (Missing)
Martin, Max Mailing Address Email Address
Martinez, Cecilia (Missing)
Martinez, Gary (Missing)
Martinez, Marta (Missing)
Martinez, Michelle (Micky) (Unlisted)
Martinez, Raymond (Missing)
Matthews, Terry (Missing)
Mayfield, Pam Email Address
Mayfield, Pamela (Pam) (Missing)
Mayfield, Wendy (Missing)
McCarthy, William (Missing)
McCauley, Sabra Jane (Missing)
McClernon, Margaret (Ann) Email Address
McCowen, Margaret (Micki) Email Address
McGrath, Kathy (Missing)
McKinley, Beatrice (Missing)
Mendoza, Steve (Missing)
Mendoza, Tito Email Address
Mendoza, Viola (Missing)
Meraz, Jesus (Missing)
Metz, Karla (Missing)
Meyer, Verna (Missing)
Meza, Victor (Missing)
Mills, Myoung (Missing)
Mills, Patricia (Missing)
Mims, Phil (Missing)
Mirimanian, Michael (Mike) Email Address
Misquez, Ralph Email Address
Mitchell, Steve Email Address
Modern, Wendy Email Address
Montano, Katherine (Missing)
Montez, Pat (Missing)
Montoya, Eddie (Missing)
Montoya, Estella (Missing)
Moon, Donna (Missing)
Morales, Clara Email Address
Morales, Estella (Missing)
Morales, Gracie (Missing)
Morales, Guadalupe (Missing)
Morman, Rebecca (Becky) (Missing)
Motto, Katherine (Kathy) (Missing)
Moulton, Calvin (Missing)
Mourning, Jack (Missing)
Muncrief, Paul Email Address
Murphy, Elizabeth Email Address
Neidich, Lawrence (Larry) (Missing)
Nelson, Terry Email Address
Neumeyer, Nick (Deceased)
Newell, Susie (Missing)
Nichols, Judy (Missing)
Nieman, Charles (Missing)
Noble, James (Jimmy) Email Address
Norvell, David (Missing)
Nygard, Walter (Missing)
O'Briant, Patty (Missing)
O'Brien, John (Missing)
O'Meara, Patricia (Patty) Email Address
Olhausen, Donald (Don) Email Address
Olivarez, Hortensia (Missing)
Olivas, Betty Mailing Address Phone Numbers
Oliver, Betty (Missing)
Oliver, Irene Email Address
Olona, Susan (Missing)
Olson, Dorothy (Missing)
Oran, Rose (Missing)
Ordonez, Ramon (Missing)
Ordunez, Joe (Missing)
Orosco, Carrie (Missing)
Ortega, Alice (Missing)
Ortiz, Gustavo (Missing)
Ortiz, Raynaldo (Missing)
Otto, William (Bill) (Missing)
Owens, Timothy (Tim) (Missing)
Pacheco, Carol (Missing)
Padilla, Johnny (Missing)
Padilla, Maria (Missing)
Padilla, Raymond (Missing)
Parra, Richard (Missing)
Parsons, John (Deceased)
Patchen, James (Missing)
Patracek, Frank Email Address
Patton, Agnes (Missing)
Paz, Carolyn (Missing)
Paz, David (Missing)
Peacock, Francis (Frank) Email Address
Pena, Rose Mary (Missing)
Perez, Erma (Missing)
Perez, Juan (Missing)
Peterson, Ronald (Missing)
Pettes, Andrew (Missing)
Pettes, Grover (Missing)
Phillips, Howard Email Address
Pickett, Linda (Deceased)
Pierce, Ronald Email Address
Pineda, Josie (Missing)
Popp, Wayne (Missing)
Powe, Cheryl (Missing)
Power, Ernest (Missing)
Prestridge, Rhenda (Missing)
Prevatte, Sharon Email Address
Price, Rebecca (Becky) (Missing)
Provencio, Jaime (Deceased)
Provencio, Jake (Missing)
Provencio, Larry (Missing)
Quezada, Manuela (Missing)
Quinones, Gregory (Greg) (Unlisted)
Quintanilla, Cecilio (Missing)
Ramirez, Virginia (Missing)
Ramos, Raymond (Missing)
Ramzy, Samuel (Missing)
Ress, Ellen (Missing)
Revell, Sheryl (Missing)
Reyes, Jean (Missing)
Reyes, Joe (Missing)
Rhinehart, Palma (Becky) Email Address
Richardson, James (Missing)
Ricks, Darlene (Missing)
Rigales, Hermelinda (Missing)
Riley, Bill (Missing)
Riopelle, Kenneth (Kenny) (Deceased)
Rios, Guadalupe (Missing)
Ritchie, Jonna (Missing)
Rivera, Frank Email Address
Rivera, Olivia (Missing)
Rivera, Rachel Email Address
Rivera, Ray (Missing)
Robles, Alice (Missing)
Rocha, Maria (Missing)
Rockwell, Larry (Missing)
Rodriguez, Cecilia (Unlisted)
Rodriguez, Elaine (Deceased)
Rodriguez, Elvira (Missing)
Rodriguez, Henry (Missing)
Rodriguez, Maria (Missing)
Rodriguez, Rito (Missing)
Rollings, Jill Email Address
Romero, Fredrick (Freddy) Email Address
Romero, Jerry (Deceased)
Romero, Lorraine (Missing)
Root, Carol Email Address
Roper, John Email Address
Rosales, Juan (Missing)
Rosas, Martha Email Address
Rose, Barbara (Missing)
Rowan, Bill View Biography Phone Numbers Email Address
Ruga, Thomas (Missing)
Rugely, Mavis (Deceased)
Russell, Mary Vee Email Address
Salas, Freida Email Address
Salas, Juliet (Missing)
Samford, Claudia (Missing)
Samples, Sandra Email Address
Sanchez, Andrew (Missing)
Sanchez, Della Email Address
Sanchez, Minnie (Missing)
Sanchez, Raul Email Address
Sanchez, Richard (Missing)
Sanchez, Ricky (Missing)
Sanchez, Susie (Missing)
Sanchez, Tony Email Address
Saunders, Donald (Don) Email Address
Savedge, Rhonda (Missing)
Sayler, Jerry (Missing)
Scarborough, Sue (Deceased)
Schaefer, James (Timmy) (Missing)
Schell, Marvin (Missing)
Schmidt, Rosie (Missing)
Schwettman, William (Bill) Email Address
Scott, Charles (Charlie) Email Address
Scott, David (Missing)
Selby, Brenda (Missing)
Sells, Jimmy Email Address
Sessions, David (Missing)
Sheldon, John (Missing)
Sierra, Dolores (Dodo) (Deceased)
Sims, Linda (Missing)
Simulia, Sandra (Missing)
Singh, Della Email Address
Slade, Jill (Missing)
Slade, Melanie (Unlisted)
Smith, Linda C. Email Address
Smith, Martha (Marty) Email Address
Smith, Pat (Missing)
Smits, Harry (Missing)
Smyer, Karen (Missing)
Snyman, Carolyne (Missing)
Southern, Joella (Missing)
Spedalieri, George (Missing)
Spencer, Sam (Missing)
Spero, Loretta (Missing)
Sprenger, Bruce (Missing)
Starkey, Sarah (Missing)
Stedronsky, Anton (Tony) (Unlisted)
Sterling, Stephen (Steve) (Missing)
Stern, Linda Email Address
Stevens, Pamela (Missing)
Stewart, Thomas (Missing)
Stout, Frank Email Address
Stroud, John (Missing)
Stubblefield, Sandra (Missing)
Stull, Camden Jann Mailing Address
Stull, Jamie Email Address
Sturtz, Mary Email Address
Sullenberger, Ann (Missing)
Sullenberger, Mary Email Address
Sullivan, Elizabeth (Tarb) (Missing)
Sullivan, Kathryn  (Kathy) (Missing)
Tafoya, Bonnie Email Address
Talamantes, Corina (Missing)
Taylor, Peggy (Missing)
Taylor, Susan Email Address
Taylor, Terry (Missing)
Teetsel, John Email Address
Telles, Angelica (Missing)
Telles, Esther (Missing)
Telles, Harry (Deceased)
Telles, Mary (Missing)
Telles, Richard (Missing)
Tellez, Elvira (Missing)
Tellez, Maria (Missing)
Templeton, Susan (Missing)
Tharp, Mary Ann (Missing)
Thaxton, Dale Email Address
Thomason, Tracy (Missing)
Thompson, Lester (Missing)
Thompson, Susie (Missing)
Thornberry, Melissa Email Address
Tirre, Rudy (Missing)
Torres, Armando (Deceased)
Torres, Emma (Missing)
Torres, Mary (Missing)
Torres, Ruth (Missing)
Trevino, Lupe (Missing)
Trevizo, Irene (Missing)
Trotter, Andrew (Deceased)
Trousdale, Edward (Eddie) Email Address
Trujillo, Mararet Email Address
Tryon, Mary (Missing)
Turner, Wendy (Missing)
Tustin, Robert (Missing)
Uebersax, Georgia (Missing)
Upchurch, John (Deceased)
Valencia, Patricia Email Address
Van Winkle, Patsy (Missing)
Vanegas, Larry (Missing)
Vargas, Eva (Missing)
Vargas, Javier (Missing)
Vasquez, Mario (Missing)
Vasquez, Mary Jane (Missing)
Vigil, Norma (Missing)
Villa, Ramon (Missing)
Villa, Rito (Missing)
Villalpando, Henry (Missing)
Vinyard, Ricky Email Address
Viramontes, Juan (Missing)
Waggoner, Danny (Missing)
Walker, Denise (Missing)
Walls, Sandra (Missing)
Walters, Kent Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Warren, Rebecca (Tookie) (Missing)
Watts, Janice Email Address
Weatherford, Rita (Missing)
Weinrich, Hazel (Missing)
Weiselman, David Email Address
Welch, Connie (Deceased)
Welch, Leona (Missing)
Wells, Mary (Missing)
Wetzel, Richard (Missing)
White, Cathy (Missing)
White, Karen (Missing)
White, Linda Email Address
Whittier, Deborah (Debbie) (Missing)
Whitworth, Clynn (Missing)
Wiggington, Rita (Missing)
Wilcox, Clint (Missing)
Wiley, Debbie Email Address
Williams, Kathi (Missing)
Williams, Tony (Missing)
Wilmes, Sondra (Missing)
Wingert, Shiela (Missing)
Witherspoon, Ana (Missing)
Wright, Lisa Email Address
Wright, Monte (Missing)
Wyss, Douglas (Doug) Email Address
Yerden, Linda (Missing)
York, James (Missing)
Youngblood, Linda (Missing)
Zepeda, Rosa (Missing)
Zertuche, Anita (Missing)
Zuniga, Estella (Missing)

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